Kirindi Project

Learn more about our current project to build a primary school in Kirindi, Uganda

Upcoming trip: February 27, 2023

About Us

Our mission is to help people live an impactful lifestyle without overwhelm or hours of research. Here is your one stop to learn about people, places, and products with purpose! #impacteverything

Past Trips

We provide children living in rural communities in Uganda and Nepal equal opportunity to high education standards while promoting sustainable development and trade.

Uganda 2019

Collaborating with Kirindi locals to finalize the school building plans.

Nepal 2019

Volunteering at Maya Academy, where bracelets fund education.

Nepal 2018

Building a library with our first larger group of volunteers.

Uganda 2017

Initial assessment trip and building community relationships.

Nepal 2017

Phase two : school aesthetics, programming, and uniforms.

Nepal 2016

Building a primary school in Ramche after the earthquake.

Travelers Reviews

"I'm beyond grateful to have encountered this lifetime experience...The joy and fulfillment I felt while spending time in the village was unlike any other and I can't wait to head back again!"
Aleksia Hills
“Being a part of our diverse volunteering group and overcoming challenges and creating for the community has inspired me even at my job. The experiences gained have been a valuable resource as I work with my team facing obstacles with designing and manufacturing."
Ardheesan Selvachandran
“GREAT JOB! I knew from working with Impact Everything in the past that this was going to be an adventure, and it was more than I could have ever hoped. I look forward to hopefully returning next year.”
Emma Sheltra

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