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Thrilling Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

Flying tomorrow out of JFK. I have so much to share. I started the day with a chat with my cousin Bibek in Nepal who is working very hard. He is trying to buy some paint to paint the classes, managing artists, borrowing tents, etc. Thank you so much Bibek for lending a hand, couldn’t have prepared better without you. My only concern is that he is a Manchester United fan. smh.


As I was going to work early in the morning, I heard on the news about a big winter storm. They have even named the dam storm already “STORM NIKO”. When the news name the storm, you know shit is getting REAL. I have a flight at 10 PM and I was getting stressed because the roads will be bad due to weather, and you know New York City and its notorious traffic. smh

When I arrived at work and spoke with my boss regarding storm, traffic, and trip to Nepal, he was very flexible. I really want to thank CT-DOT for their accommodation and support.

I am really looking forward to this trip. Really excited to see the school in full session since I wasn’t there last time to witness the opening. The best part though, my friend John Cinque from Branford High School is coming along. He is flying from Arizona, to LAX to Abu Dhabi (where we will meet) and then together we are arriving at Kathmandu. This is John’s first time traveling out of country. I really hope he will like his trip to Nepal.

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