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I want to start this blog with a ted talk I came across recently. It was so amazing to see what has happened to a man from Sudan with a skill sets to read and write. His music now is a weapon for change and inspiration to the upcoming generation.


This past week, our team in Nepal (Bibek & Basu) had gone back to visit the school in Ramche to survey the work we had completed last February. They also dropped off the laptops with a lot of educational content such as Khan Academy videos, how to make you genius videos, and much more. Big big shout out to Bhim Bhandari (Buba), Sajan Shrestha, and Sapana Sapkota for donating the laptops. They will be a great tool for the kids to learn. Thank you so much!!


We (me and lanna) realized that with Impact Mart alone, we were not going to be able to continue our efforts with philanthropic work. Therefore, we have recently filled in for our very own nonprofit here in the US. The purpose of the nonprofit will be to build infrastructures such as school, community center, library, safe houses, heath post, etc. to provide access to education. I will write more about this on my next blog.

We are officially going to be in Uganda from November 9th to 23rd. During our visit, we will be visiting to Kayunga District close to Jinja to assess the community with a purpose of building a school. We are really excited for this opportunity and to meet up with our friends Sylas & Gilbert . If there is anyone that would be interested to travel to Uganda with us and make a difference, hit me up.


We are also planning on a trip to Nepal next year (Summer of 2018), where we are looking to take volunteers to the school we built last year. It will be a unique experience where a volunteer traveling to Nepal will be paired up with someone in Kathmandu. Once paired, both cultures can be exchanged by living in the host house. The pair will than travel to the school together to implement intended objectives such as build a library (both for community and kids), bring internet to the village and Bungy Jump /Water rafting.

We are aiming to make it a fun, adventurous, and inspiring trip. Shout out to our lovely intern Isshi who has taken a lead in organizing our travel program. As always, thanks to reSET for providing us with all the needed tools for a start up to get going. We are really grateful.

We are also planning on starting a goat farm in Ramche believe it or not (haha), where the farm will help provide jobs and circulate economy within the region. This is in super beginning phase, and as we progress, I will post a lot of baby goats photos.

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