Back to the Beginning

Back to the Beginning

This morning Jayram Pudasaini (executive director of the Survivors) received a called from Hari Prasad Poudel regarding the reconstruction of Bal Shikchya primary school. Mr. Poudel does not want us to reconstruct the school. He believes that the Nepal government will construct a school for the kids within this year with Reinforced Concrete Cement also known as RCC structure building. It is a big setback. All of my efforts for the past month has been a learning experience with respect to finding materials, design work, and interpersonal skills. With the reminding of my two months here, I will give my best to reconstruct a school where needed.

There is another school at Sunkhani, Sindupalanchowk who approached Suvivors here in Kathmandu seeking help with reconstruction. Tomorrow morning, I am heading there in the first hour to examine the site.

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