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For the past couple of days, we (Jayram Dai and I) been trying to get in touch with Amit Sinha who supplies materials for the construction of the school. We met up at Thapathali this afternoon, and reviewed all the details necessary for the construction of school. Let me explain..

Amit Sinha and I discussing the materials necessary for the project.

First, we estimated all the materials necessary for the school. It was a rough estimated such as the area of prefab concrete walls,coating the walls with the paint, doors, windows, 2 bathroom (boys and girls) etc.

I will be heading to Jamne, Thokarpa, Nepal on Sunday/or Monday with Jayram dai from Survivors. During my visit, we plan on talking with the education board of Bal Shikchya School in future detail to clear the footing of the school. We are anticipating on using the left over foundation and footing of the old school and build from there.


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