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8 Ways to Make Black Lives Matter Right Now

Ways to make Black Lives Matter right now.

Black lives Matter

A lot has happened in our world in the past couple of months, but one recently was regarding a man named George Floyd. He was killed at the hands of a cop because of the color of his skin and deserves justice. We have come up with 8 ways to do your part in combating the blatant hate and unneeded violence in our country today. This article has valuable contact information as well as sites to educate yourself on the Black Lives Matter Movement. We hope that you take the time just as we did to change our policing system because Black Lives Matter.

#1 Sign Petitions

One of the best ways to show your support in pressing issues such as this is by signing petitions. They allow for people to band together to show government officials that there needs be change now. One petition is called Petition to Mayor Frey from Color of Change. Aside from the link embedded, you can also text “FLOYD” to 55156. Another petition is Petition to County Attorney Mike Freeman as Mike Freeman is the one who can seek the proper justice needed for George Floyd.

The third petition is aimed at both the mayor and the attorney which you can sign by clicking the Petition to Mayor Jacob Frey and County Attorney Mike Freeman. These last two petitions are  Petition to defund Minneapolis Police  and Petition to defund Minneapolis police. It is from the Block and Black Visions Collective who aim to open the eyes of the police and show that treating a certain group in a horrific way due to the color of their skin is cruel and needs to end.

#2 Contact Mayor Jacob Frey

A second way to make a difference is by contacting the Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey. This can be done through the online email form and the campaign website email form which are both linked. When addressing him be sure to demand the arrest, prosecution, and conviction all 4 officers: Derek Chauvin #1087, Tou Thao #7162, Thomas Lane, J Alexander Kueng.

In addition, please mention that 3rd degree murder and manslaughter charges are not sufficient as the price of these actions ended with a man deceased. You should also state that the use of any type of force against protestors is not acceptable. We have a right to speak our minds in this country and now more than ever we need to. It should not come at a price. Finally, there should be a demand to cut the police department’s budget which details about this can be found here. To contact Jacob Frey the information is below:

Mayor Jacob Frey

350 South 5th Street, Room 331

Minneapolis, MN 55415


Twitter: @Jacob_Frey

Instagram: @jacobfrey1

#3 Contact County Attorney Mike Freeman

Third, another person to contact is the county attorney, Mike Freeman. You should demand the arrest, prosection, and conviction of all 4 officers: Officer Derek Chauvin #1087, Officer Tou Thao #7162, Officer Thomas Lane, and Officer J Alexander Kueng. Also, say that the 3rd degree murder and manslaughter charges are not sufficient. There should be the authorization against any lethal force or any type of harm against protestors. All of his information to contact him is as follows:

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman

C-2000 Government Center

300 South Sixth Street

Minneapolis, MN 55487

Phone: 612-348-5550


#4 Contact Governors Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan

Governor Tim Walz and LT Governor Peggy Flanagan are two other people you should contact surrounding the concerns of protesting. There has been a terrible history of protests turning violent. To ensure this does not happy, demand that NO use of force (tear gas, smoke bombs, rubber bullets, etc.) on peaceful protestors. Contact information for these governors are below:

Office of Governor Tim Walz & Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan

130 State Capitol

75 Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

St. Paul, MN 55155

Staffed office hours are: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Telephone:  651-201-3400

Toll Free:  800-657-3717

Minnesota Relay:  800-627-3529

Email form at bottom of page:

#5 Contact the FBI


The FBI is another great way to make an impact. The FBI has been brought on to investigate the murder of George Floyd. You should demand the arrest, prosection, and conviction of all 4 officers: Officer Derek Chauvin #1087, Officer Tou Thao #7162, Officer Thomas Lane, and Officer J Alexander Kueng. Also, say that the 3rd degree murder and manslaughter charges are not sufficient. There should be the authorization against any lethal force or any type of harm against protestors. Their information is as follows:

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Minneapolis Field Office

Address: 1501 Freeway Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55430

Phone: (763) 569-8000


Rainer Drolshagen

Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation


#6 Hold Police Accountable

Contact Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo to demand the cessation of tear gas, rubber bullets, smoke bombs, or any other types of force being used on protesters. If you want to talk to them about prosecution of the officers, they will direct you to contact the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (listed below) who will then direct you to contact the mayor. The police department information is below:

Medaria Arradondo, Chief of Police

350 South 5th St.

Room 130

Minneapolis, MN 55415


Fax: 612-673-2613

#7 Vote with Your Dollars

If you have the ability and means to, there are some great funds and organizations to donate to. There are a lot of people involved and many are in need to financial help. The GoFundMe for George Floyd’s family will allow funds to go towards the funeral and burial among other expenses for the family. There is also the very well-known Minnesota Freedom Fund which allows those jailed while protesting for George Floyd to be bailed out.

North Star Health Collective fund puts their money towards gear and medical supplies. To donate to one of the main leaders of the Racial Justice Network which is a local grassroots organization led by Nekima Levy Armstrong, you can donate to both the Nekima Levy Armstrong fund and Racial Justice Network Organization. A fund that goes directly towards protestors on the ground please DM Minnesota Women for Political Change on Instagram @MNWFPC.


#8 Contact Minneapolis City Council

Contacting the City Council is another way to demand justice. Demands that you should request to start with not increasing police funding or the police department’s budget; protect and expand current investment in community-led health and safety strategies instead. You should ask for the proposition and voting for a $45 million cut from MPD’s budget as the City responds to projected COVID-19 shortfalls. Third, pressure on the MPD and all law enforcement agencies to immediately cease enacting violence on community members, including those who are protesting.

We have compiled a list of all of the council members and each of their pages which takes you to how to contact them. The city council website is linked here as well. You can find this useful tool regarding the contacting of the council below:

Ward 1 – Kevin Reich

Ward 2 – Cam Gordon (Minority Leader – Green Party)

Ward 3 – Steve Fletcher

Ward 4 – Phillipe Cunningham

Ward 5 – Jeremiah Ellison

Ward 6 – Abdi Warsame

Ward 7 – Lisa Goodman

Ward 8 – Andrea Jenkins (Council Vice President)

Ward 9 – Alondra Cano

Ward 10 – Lisa Bender (Council President)

Ward 11 – Jeremy Schroeder

Ward 12 – Andrew Johnson (Majority Leader – DFL)

Ward 13 – Linea Palmisano

Although our list ends here, your education and want to help should not. You should follow what is happening on Facebook in terms of live videos and other on the ground updates. Specifically, great pages are Nekima Levy Armstrong, Tamika Mallory, and the Racial Justice Network.

Other people to contact as well as overarching  information that may be beneficial in understanding the issue at hand more can be found below:

Info from Movement for Black Lives

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Andrew W Evans Superintendent BCA

Public Safety Dept

1430 MAryland Ave E

St Paul, MN 551062802


Phone: 651-793-7000

(The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been requested by the Minneapolis Police Department to investigate the incident. The GO number associated with this case is 20-140629. This info from the MPD’s press release, found here:

MPD and Prison Abolition Resources from the organization MPD 150. Includes their report on the 150 year history of MPD as well as many resources on policing, the prison-industrial complex, and abolition in general.

Reformist vs. Abolitionist steps in policing chart from Critical Resistance.

Link to document for Tony Mcdade, black man shot and killed by police in Tallahassee on May 27th:

During this time of turmoil in our country, we need to be united as one. Our hope is that you act on the resources we have given you to make a change in our world today. Please be safe and take time to do your part. We are all in this together.

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