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10 Spring Outfits That Will Have You Breaking Necks and The Cycle of Human Trafficking

Posted by Lanna Nawa on

by Ann Burdick

There are approximately 4.5 million people worldwide who are victims of human trafficking, however companies such as Sudara and Purpose Jewelry are working to prevent sex slavery, and help those who have already been affected.  Sudara’s products are all created through partnerships with organizations who employ women with a sex trafficking past, in order to provide them with a sustainable, living wage.  With this work, they are able to support themselves, improve the lives of their family members, and show their value through their work within the community. Sudara and it’s partners have provided hundreds of victims with a safe place to make a living, as well as hone alternative employable skills that could be used in other respectable industries of work.  With each purchase of a Sudara product, you are making a positive impact on the lives of those all over the world affected by sex trafficking.

Purpose Jewelry also works to assist survivors of sex trafficking with employment that will provide income, professional advancement, as well as genuine freedom, dignity and independence.  Each step of the jewelry production process is performed by a survivor of sex trafficking, so as a consumer you are investing in a meaningful piece of jewelry that is beautiful for infinite reasons.

1. Bhara

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The Bhara print features matching elephants, spinning mandalas and swirling henna bedecked like a magical Indian dream collage of blues, pinks, and accents of lemongrass and paprika (Punjammies $49, Revel Earrings $32, Aria Cuff $36)

2. Brave Tee


The Brave Tee with it’s bold message will make you feel inspired by female empowerment, and it’s just in time for our spring collection with its bright colors and short sleeves (Brave Tee $36, Coastal Choker $24, Burnished Brass Ring $24)

3. Binu


This simple yet elegant style sweatshirt is easy to pair accessories, and will meet your comfort needs as well (Binu Sweatshirt $56, Olivia Earrings $24, Journey Necklace$61)

4. Anju


The Anju Robe is captivating in design and texture with a multitude of inviting colors, and it is also lightweight for the warmer seasons to come (Anju Robe$79, Stella Necklace $38, Sundust Earrings $26,)

5. Leela

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This pair of Leela Punjammies are enhanced with complementary colors and flowery patterns that are perfect for the upcomming months (Punjammies $54, Mira Cuff $34, Jasmine Necklace $34)

6. Magic Elephant Tee


The Magic Elephant Tee is versatile for almost any outing.  Dress it up or down with jewelry to match! (Magic Elephant Tee $36, Solstice Necklace $38, Aria Ring $26)

7. Kaveri


These Kaveri Punjammies are no stranger to confort as well as style with their intricate arrangement. They can be worn in almost any setting! (Punjammies$54, Aztec Studs $22, Infinity Bracelet $26)

8. Mina


This fierce and fiery Mina Robe is not only beautiful with its alternating designs, but is  comfortable and breathable as well  (Mina Robe $79, Chevron Necklace $36, Chloe Ring $24)

9. Freedom Flow Tee


This Freeom Flow Tee is sharing an important message, as well as providing comfort and mobility that can easily be paired with accessories (Freedom Flow Tee$36, Infinity Necklace $30, Desert Drop Earrings $18)

10. Anju


These Anju shorts speak for themselves with their bold and bright colors, and can be worn in the hotter days of spring and summer (Anju Shorts $34, Lunette Necklace$38, Knot Studs $22)

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