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These socks are proof our troops are everything

Posted by Lanna Nawa on

We celebrate Memorial Day to recognize the selfless service of our active duty military and veterans. However, after Monday our troops are still working hard. Here is a fun way you can show your appreciation even after the holiday. Sox Box is a unique brand of work-out socks that support our troops. For each pair,

20% proceeds supports wounded veterans

through The Independence Fund. To date, they have make over $80,000 in direct donations to support our troops. Rock these socks and appreciate our troops in style! Now let these socks remind you of the journey our troops go through for us on the daily:


Everyday, our troops wake up and train... 

How many push-ups are in your morning routine? ($11.99, Impact Mart)


To become Army Strong for our country...

There's strong, and then there's army strong. ($9.99, Impact Mart)


They fight for us through thick and thin...

What doesn't kill you makes you army stronger ($9.99, Impact Mart).


Lifting us all up...

I get by with a little help from my soldier friends ($11.99, Impact Mart).


Sometimes, making the ultimate sacrifice...

We are forever grateful ($9.99, Impact Mart).


We are blessed they are out there protecting us...

All day, every single day ($11.99, Impact Mart).


Working hard to achieve the unimaginable...

Staying positive through the toughest of days ($11.99, Impact Mart).


We are the home of the free because of the brave. Don't forget to thank a troop this Memorial Day! 

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ($11.99, Impact Mart).



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