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The 9 Types of Dads and His Ethical Father's Day Must-Haves

Posted by Lanna Nawa on

Your dad has given you everything. Life, lessons, love and so much more that words can't even describe. What better way to show your appreciation this Father's Day by giving him a gift that not only shows your love for him, but also for others. These ethical gifts are sure to show your pops that his ways of kindness are a  part of your heart. Thanks Dad.

1. The Workaholic

He's always on the go, on the phone, or taking notes on the napkin. He's running that crazy business to support your family because he loves you to the moon and back. While he's out on the grind, make his day more convenient with this nifty solar-powered briefcase.

Now he can charge his phone on the go and never miss that Facetime call from you and mom ($59.95, Impact Mart)

2. The Best Friend

This dude just wanted a bro to hang out with. From the time you were little, he just wanted to be by your side involved in everything you were passionate about. How blessed are you to have your number one man as your ride-or-die.

 So next time you have a beer with your dad-bro, let him know how kick-ass he is ($23.00, Amazon).

3. The Adventurer

He took you jet skiing on that family trip to the Bahamas. He taught you how to play ball, and crush it. You're never inside watching TV with him, but rather outside watching waterfalls and hiking trails. 

Because your dad is basically Tarzan and knows how to live it up outdoors ($59.00, Impact Mart).

4.The Handy Man

He can fix anything, big or small. He enjoys being the man to keep your home in one piece without the need for "professionals." Fuel his passion with these sturdy bamboo gloves:

So he can not only save your home, but also the environment. ($8.97, Impact Mart) Go Dad!

5. The Professor

He's not as handy with the tools, but he can help you ace that Chem exam. He's filled you with a love of learning since you first opened your eyes to the world. He taught you to always be curious, and to keep on discovering. Show him this crazy new discovery:

Yes, its actually made out of stones. Yes, it's waterproof, stronger, and more boss ($6.99, Impact Mart) than your average notebook.

6. The Retired

There's literally nothing he needs. He's got all he wants in life, and is living his days in relaxation. You might not have enough funds for his fancy taste in wine or that pricey golf bag, but here's a bag just as cool for him to hold it all together:

 Cheers daddy-o ($17.84, Impact Mart).

7. The Joker

He lives to spread smiles, always making people laugh. He taught you how valuable it is to not take life too seriously and share a good time with others. Let him get a kick out of this one.

The trolling is so good. So so good. ($5.59, Impact Mart)

8. The Modern Man

He wants it new. He wants it first. He wants it made better. He's probably more tech savy than you. He drives a hybrid car. Your dad may or may not be Elon Musk.

Because style. Because no dead phone again ($23.99, Impact Mar)

9. The Absentee

Look, I don't want to end this on a bad note, but we can't forget that there are many of children without dads for whatever reason. That doesn't mean that there is a void in their life however. There's plenty of love from all of us to go around! Volunteer some time with a child and enjoy the day together!

An amazing reputable program: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

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