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5 Cheaper Ethical Items That Will Make You Question Life

Posted by Lanna Nawa on

Are you a beginner at shopping ethical? Sometimes it can seem overwhelming and expensive (myth), but I totally understand. All of our lives, our brains have been bombarded with ads and conditioned to unethical brands. So much that these goods have become a part of our daily lives, causing us to destroy our world without really knowing it.

We've come to a point where it's not easy letting go of our everyday favorites. However, learning about better alternatives that even save you money makes it way easier to make the transition. 

1. The True Champion

Champion sweaters have been trending this winter, but WHY? What are we even a champion of when we rock this? Killing the environment? A Tentree sweater is made sustainably AND plants 10 trees after your purchase - be a champion for mother nature instead.


2. The Real Love

Why on earth do you even need that much profit?! Oh right- to brainwash us. It takes a lot of commercials to condition people to shop unethical on the daily. No thanks, I'll choose the brand that uses their profits towards charity instead.

3. The Better Beauty

When was the last time you watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and saw true beauty represented? You know what I'd like to celebrate instead of runway models dressed up as fantasy figures? I want to celebrate real women working hard to give others a beautiful life everyday.

4. The Nice Friend

Not sure why plastic still isn't illegal in all states.

5. The Actual Advocate

THE IRONY IS TOO REAL with this one. "Oh I'm so green" while I rock this plastic phone case. Stop hahhaha


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