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Inspire individuals to curb single-use plastics and protect the ocean.

Acts of Kindness

Products whose sales result in a tangible, traceable, act of kindness EX: the removal of 1 lb. of trash from the ocean

4Ocean meets four of the IMPACT requirements: Individual Responsibility, Materials, Acts of Kindness, and Charitable Proceeds. 

4Ocean’s mission is to remove trash from our oceans while inspiring individuals to change consumption habits for cleaner oceans. Their purpose originated on a plastic-covered beach in Bali, Indonesia. By seeing the reality of the ocean plastic crisis, Co-founders Alex and Andrew first launched their business in Bali in 2017. They hired local workers to help clean the ocean and coastlines full time. In order to increase ocean cleanups and donations to ocean-related nonprofits, Alex and Andrew used profits from the 4Ocean bracelet. 


Each bracelet is hand-assembled and made in Bali by an artisan. The raw materials in manufacturing the bracelets are made from post-consumer recycled items. Specifically, each bracelet is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and recycled glass bottles. The charm is made from stainless steel.


4Ocean’s bracelet has a goal to inspire individuals to curb single-use plastics and protect the ocean. The manufacturing of each bracelet inherently helps the planet; the bracelets are made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled glass. And, each bracelet purchased contributes to one pound of trash removed from the ocean. They also follow charitable proceeds that contribute at least 1% of their revenue to nonprofit environmental conservation organizations.