Alchemy Goods

2500 47th St., Unit 12 Boulder, Co 8030, US
Phone number: (206) 484-9469

Upcycling cheap materials into daily necessities like bags and accessories.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Alchemy Goods meets one of the IMPACT requirements: Materials. 



Alchemy Goods’ mission is to take a modern take on upcycling cheap materials into daily necessities like bags and accessories. As an avid cyclist, the owner of Alchemy Goods Eli Reich founded this passion when his messenger bag was stolen. Instead of purchasing a new one, Reich decided to make his own with old bicycle tubes and pieces he had lying around. This sparked Reich’s passion in establishing Alchemy Goods in 2004. By reusing bicycle tubes, advertising banners, and seat belts, Alchemy Goods create new everyday products with sleek designs that positively contribute to the environment. 

All the upcycled products are made in Seattle, Washington, USA. The raw materials including bicycle tubes, seat belts, banners, and billboards are sourced from across the country. Specifically, Alchemy Goods works with bike shops across the US to collect bicycle interparts, namely Trek and REI. By upcycling each product, Alchemy Goods prevents non-degradable waste going into landfills. Their manufacturing process of upcycling also avoids needing new resources to produce materials including water and energy.