Chavez for Charity

271 Grove Avenue Verona, NJ 07044 Phone Number: (973) 337 - 8551

Bracelets that contribute to social, environmental, and humanitarian change.


Products whose proceeds are donated to a reputable non-profit organization.

Chavez for Charity meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Acts of Kindness and Charitable Proceeds. 

Chavez for Charity was founded by Julie Chavez in 2013. As an ambitious woman, Julie wanted to create a line of bracelets which would contribute to social, environmental, and humanitarian change with her background in jewelry. 

Through their “Colors for Causes” trademark, each of 10 colors that consist of their product line represents a distinct cause and corresponding nonprofit, of which 25% of the profit is donated to. With this mission, Chavez for Charity incorporates social impact that reaches beyond their tangible products. Their bracelets are made and sourced locally in New Jersey. Specifically, the beads are made of agate, hematite, jasper, jade, Czech glass, fossil, and wood.

Alongside “Colors for Causes”, Chavez for Charity aims to create positive social and sustainable change through their local and international programs; an example would be their support to the 2019 Australian Wildfire Crisis. Their platform is also an avenue to raise awareness and initiate conversations for prevalent issues.