74 Main Street Salt Lake City, UT 84101 USA
Phone Number: (844) 268 - 6729

Fostering a spirit and love for the outdoors.


Products whose proceeds are donated to a reputable non-profit organization.

Cotopaxi meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility, Materials, and Charitable Proceeds. 

Cotopaxi strives for a social mission while being an outdoor gear brand, targeting the millennial consumer. While commiting to foster a spirit and love for the outdoors, Cotopaxi’s social mission is to donate 1% of their annual revenue to the Cotopaxi Foundation. These funds are granted to nonprofit partners in order to advance sustainability, improve the human condition, and alleviate global poverty.

Davis Smith, the founder, grew up in Latin America and lived in Ecuador, home to the Cotopaxi Volcano (hence the name). Exploring and adventuring around Cotopaxi National Park, Davis discovered his spirit for the outdoors. Then in 2014, Davis along with his friends founded Cotopaxi with five outdoor backpacks for sale and a website.

 As a Certified B Corporation, Cotopaxi’s raw materials are sourced ethically. Suppliers must follow their Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure sustainable practices in the sourcing of raw materials and in manufacturing their products. All their products are either manufactured in the Philippines, China, Bolivia, or India—following a strict fair labor and ethic policies. Beyond their products, Cotopaxi’s mission and the Cotopaxi Foundation fuels their business as a force for social, environmental, and economic good, globally.