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Fund education projects in developing countries through art.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Denik meets one of the IMPACT Requirements: Acts of Kindness. 

Denik was founded by Tyler when he was told that one of his designs would look awesome on a notebook. Together with his Co-founder, Jake, and a few college students, they gathered artists and designs to create creative notebooks. They decided that with each item sold, a portion of the proceeds would be donated to building a school in Mali, Africa. From a grass-roots project in 2011 to a professional artistic organization, Denik’s mission is to fund education projects in developing countries through art—while recognizing and supporting individual artists globally. 


As of 2018, The Denik Movement successfully funded five schools: two in Malik, one in Guatemala, one in Laos, and one in Ghana. With the creativity and beauty that is art, Denik aimed to show that art can change the world and create positive change. Alongside building schools, The Denik Movement also commits to supporting artists on their very own products. These two goals of Denik portray the vast social impact of their company. 


Today, their products include notebooks, sketchbooks, planners, and stationary. Each product is made locally with global designs from artists. They ensure durability, quality, and responsibility with each product by manufacturing each notebook with as little materials as necessary.