18 Bridge Street 4J, Brooklyn, New York 11201, USA
Phone Number: (212) 431 - 3005

An eco-friendly and vegan alternative to old-fashioned bulky wallets.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Dynomighty meets one of the IMPACT Requirements: Materials.

Dynomighty was first founded with $300 to create a link-less Magnetic Bracelet on Youtube. Thankfully, that video blew up, and so was Dynomighty established. The #BeMighty project behind their products is to spread inspiration and motivation through a positive message: just keep trying, hang in there, stay strong, and Be Mighty! Their mission is to just provide that little nudge that anyone can go for their dreams while creating sustainable products. 


The signature Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty was designed in 2005—inspiring a new generation of wallets made with DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric, folded out of a single sheet without any stitches. Tyvek® is a special type of material that is made with plastic fibers that creates a thin material that is tear-resistant, water-resistant and is 100% recyclable. The Mighty Wallet encourages simple living with a sleek design that is also an eco-friendly and vegan alternative to old-fashioned bulky wallets. With no animal byproducts, the products are a sustainable long-lasting choice.

Website: mightywallet.shop