Spenglerstraße 19, 23556 Lübeck, Germany
Phone Number: +49 451 8806930

Sustainable, ethical, and fashionable sneakers.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Ethletic meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Manufacturing and Acts of Kindness

Ethletic aims to create sustainable, ethical, and fashionable sneakers. The brand was first founded in 1999 by James Lloyd and Dr. Martin Kunz, who launched the world’s first fairly-produced soccer balls. Along with their sustainability initiative, Ethletic wanted to improve living conditions of the designers and manufacturers in Pakistan. 

From 1999 till today, Ethletic has continued to donate an extra bonus for their workers. From the sneaker production, 15% purchases are donated to the workers’ welfare association as well as an extra 15% to the employee Welfare Society to be spent on community projects in Pakistan. Ethletic’s social impact is truly evident beyond their products. Right now, these funds are used to finance health insurance, hospital visits, education for children, and clean drinking water services. 

All their products are manufactured, ethically, in Pakistan. In fact, all the cotton used is sourced and grown organically through Fairtrade certification. The rubber is natural and is FSC® certified, sourced from sustainable plantations that ensure no pesticides or toxic chemicals. Beyond these sustainable and ethical practices, all of their sneakers are vegan because Ethletic cares deeply about animal welfare. They only use raw materials from farms that don’t comprise animals through monocultures or overexploitation.