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Lunette’s menstrual cup is a convenient, economical, and sustainable way to approach periods.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Lunette meets three of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility, Materials, and Charitable Proceeds.

Lunette’s mission is to alter attitudes towards menstruation—to erase menstrual stigma. Nobody should feel ashamed of their periods. It all started with Heli Kurjanen who wanted to change the way society approached period care. Soon enough, Helo discovered the freedom and flexibility of a menstrual cup, and so she decided to make her own. Lunette’s menstrual cup is a convenient, economical, and sustainable way to approach periods. With their online platform, anyone who feels even slightly uncomfortable with their periods are able to contact Lunette’s Menstrual Mentors anytime.

Committed to designing a cup rooted with safety, ease, comfort, and compatibility for menstruators of all age, shape, size, and childbearing state, Lunette was established. Lunette was created in Heli’s home: Finland. Their mission broadened to liberation for all menstruators. In order to creatively realize their mission, Lunette has partnered with many organizations over the years to give back to menstruators in need—including The Cup Project in Kenya, Planned Parenthood, Sustainable Period Project in Australia and New Zealand, and much more!

The Lunette menstrual cup product is manufactured locally in Finland, in an office powered by renewable energy. Each cup is reusable, long-lasting, zero-waste, and sustainable. In fact, each menstrual cup is packaged by a company named Titry in Finland. Titry aims to provide employment to individuals who are having difficulties getting a job. Overall, Lunette’s mission broadens to a vast social and sustainable impact beyond their products.