Marley's Monsters

234 W. 6th Ave Eugene, OR 97401
Phone Number: +1 541-505-9417

Provide zero waste essential products.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Marley’s Monsters meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility and Materials.

Marley’s Monsters’ mission is to provide zero waste essential products for everyday items. Each of their fabric and wood items are carefully handmade in Eugene, Oregon. In their storefront, you can find all things eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically-sourced, reusable products and specifically, baby items. Beyond being just eco-friendly, Marley’s Monsters’ products are customizable to a customer’s liking with over 100 choices. 


As a certified BRING rethink sustainable business, Marley’s Monsters’ commits to weave creative and essential solutions to reduce an environmental impact. Be it through local manufacturing of reusable goods or daily operations and products, they always keep sustainability in mind. The packaging of each product is plastic-free, recyclable, and compostable—amplifying a zero waste business. In order to maintain their zero waste practices, most their products are made with rounded corners, so it can reduce extra scraps. 


In 2013, Marley’s Monsters was founded when Sarah was on maternity leave. In hopes to passionately create something special, handmade, and fun for her expecting baby, Marley, Sarah DIY’d a stuffed monster made from fabric scraps. This small little project evolved into Marley’s Monsters today through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.