139 Harriet St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Eco-conscious underwear


Products that are exclusively made by marginalized groups EX: adults with autism, victims of sex trafficking, single moms

Naja meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: People and Charitable Proceeds.

Naja’s mission is to create eco-conscious underwear that is ethically made, fair trade, and digitally printed. With digital printing, their garments commit almost no water waste. Additionally, most their fabrics are made from recycled plastics—including their Zero Waste Collection. Overall, Naja’s brand enhances the social impact of artistry and craftsmanship in creating unique garments. Naja was founded by Catalina Girald and Gina Rodriguez in 2013. Gina and Cataline met on set one today and immediately connected on their passion towards empowering women—eventually spearheading the mission of Naja in providing more for unprivileged women around the world. 


A fundamental part of Naja is their commitment to empowering women. In manufacturing their underwear, Naja employs single mothers who have been marginalized, isolated, and discriminated against within their own communities. They commit to providing single mothers flexible work policies and hours in order to make it easier for them to balance work and children. In fact, every child of a Naja employee receives sponsored book supplies, school meals, and uniforms. Naja also has the Underwear For Hope program which employs marginalized women in Cambodian slums. In order to better their lives further, Naja donates 2% of their revenue to charities that support marginalized womens’ education.