Pact Apparel

2108 55th St. STE 200, Boulder, CO, 80301
Phone Number: +1 800-662-7228

Organic cotton clothing that is sustainable and ethically made.

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Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Pact meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility and Materials.

Pact Apparel cultivates organic cotton clothing that is sustainable and ethically made. As GOTS Cotton Certified as well as Fair Trade USA Factory Certified, Pact guarantees eco-conscious and ethical clothing. They are also committing to providing fashion and style that is practice, comfortable, and easy on a day to day life. Pact is the one-stop-shop for all consumers to find organic and natural alternatives to their basic clothing pieces. 


In hopes to establish a company that makes organic and sustainable living affordable, Pact wants their consumers to practice their own individual responsibility to commit to protecting the items they put on or into their body. Every product uses significantly less water usage, no toxic chemical, and no toxic dyes. Beyond their products, Pact aims to transform the clothing manufacturing industry. By empowering workers and protecting their rights through Fair Trade standards to making the most of the ethical fashion products on the market, Pact commits to sparking everlasting change and a sustainable living movement.