Pondicherry Natural Incense

Utilizes essential oils, fragrant woods and herbs and barks to create unique scents.



Products that are exclusively made by marginalized groups EX: adults with autism, victims of sex trafficking, single moms

Pondicherry Natural Incense meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Materials and People. 

Pondicherry Natural Incense cultivates products free from any sorts of animal testing or animal derived material. Their mission is to create an alternative to aerosol or other air fresheners. Made from an organic cottage industry, Pondicherry Natural Incense utilizes essential oils, fragrant woods, herbs and barks to create unique scents. Every product is also packaged in handmade paper, that is 100% wood-free made from banana pulp paper. 


All their products are environmentally-friendly, natural, and organic—each incense is hand-rolled onto bamboo sticks and packaged locally. Beyond their products, Pondicherry Natural Incense extends their social and sustainable impact to their local community. They offer sustainable employment to the impoverished villages in South India.