Pura Vida

7979 Ivanhoe Ave. Suite 400, La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone Number: (858) 232-4945

Support the living of artisans through steady income and fair working environment.


Products that are exclusively made by marginalized groups EX: adults with autism, victims of sex trafficking, single moms

Pura Vida meets three of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility, People, and Charitable Proceeds. 

Pura Vida was found in the summer of 2010 when two friends—Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman—took a trip to Costa Rica. Along their trip, Griffin and Paul came across two local artisans who were struggling to survive on the minimal wages of an artisan and living in a single room with their whole family. And so, in hopes to help them and fellow local artisans struggling to survive in Costa Rica, Griffin and Paul decided to bring the bracelets that the artisans made back to America to sell. Thus, began the Pura Vida movement that celebrated the simple things in life—translating to “pure life” in Spanish. 


With the given chance, Pura Vida’s mission is to support the living of artisans through a steady income and fair working environment, expand the artisan community locally in Costa Rica, and give back to charities that better our world. In their product line, Pura Vida has created the Charity Collection that partners with over 170 different charities around the world and donate with each bracelet sold—some of these causes include animal awareness, environmental causes, health awareness, humanitarian causes, and cancer awareness. Every single product is 100% waterproof and has eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging.