Houston, United States

3D aid in vision for people suffering from blindness.

Acts of Kindness

Products whose sales result in a tangible, traceable, act of kindness EX: the removal of 1 lb. of trash from the ocean

Reveal meets one of the IMPACT Requirements: Acts of Kindness. 

Reveal VUE creates tech products that help blind people to see. VUE is a high-tech, 3D aid in vision for people suffering from blindness and other vision disorders. In the United States, itself, these issues affect over 17 million people, and over ten times that amount globally. And so, Reveal’s VUE has the capability to give these people some light back in their world by allowing them to improve their lives and gain some independence. Moreover, Reveal is pursuing Medicare coverage for blind people who may not be able to afford such technology and to minimize as much out-of-pocket costs as possible.