320 SW Century Drive Ste 405 - PMB 402 Bend, Oregon 97702
Phone Number: 1-844-478-3272

Provide living-wage employment and skills training for women who seek independence out of sex trafficking.


Products that are exclusively made by marginalized groups EX: adults with autism, victims of sex trafficking, single moms

Sudara meets three of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility, People, and Charitable Proceeds. 

Sudara’s mission is to provide living-wage employment and skills training for women who seek independence in India out of sex trafficking. Many of Sudara’s employees are survivors of sex trafficking, and Sudara aims to provide a better and fulfilling lifestyle for those women. Sudara is also a Certified B Corporation, meaning they use their business as a weapon for social, environmental, and economic good. 


Shannon Keith, the founder, first established Sudara after a trip to India when she had heard a story of women who were sold into sex slavery and other women who are at high risk of being forced into sex trade. Disgusted and shocked, Shannon returned home and developed a small team to help create a positive impact on the women and survivors. She knew that the women in India needed a living-wage employment in order to escape sex trafficking and create a life of freedom. And so, Sudara was born. 


Sudara’s signature product, their Punjammies®, help empower women through safe, sustainable employment in India. Every style, in fact, is named in honor and to celebrate the woman behind the creation. Sudara’s mission also includes their own charitable nonprofit: the Sudara Freedom Fund. Their non-profit allows them to continue to support and do more to better the lives of women and children in India through education, housing, loans, and more.