Ten Tree

301 2219 Rimland Drive Bellingham, Washington USA, 98226
Phone Number: 1-800-535-2610

Plant ten trees with every purchase.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Ten Tree meets three of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility, Materials, and Acts of Kindness.

Ten Tree’s mission is to plant ten trees with every purchase. They are rooted in the belief to protect and preserve our nature, world, and environment as much as possible. In fact, their products do not only reflect their beliefs but do so sustainably. 


Ten Tree’s products are everyday clothing and accessory items that are made with eco-friendly raw materials such as recycled polyester clothing, TENCEL™ Lyocell, and hemp fibers. Recycled polyester clothing is a unique way to upcycle plastics to prevent them from ending up in landfills. Ten Tree’s TENCEL™ Lyocell collection is a long-lasting, sustainable material that is naturally sourced and is safe for sensitive skin. The hemp fibers in their products are sustainable, ethically produced, and anti-microbial. In fact, these raw materials preserve water and are harsh chemical-free. 


As a brand, Ten Tree is a Certified B Corporation among many other certifications. Overall, Ten Tree commits to loving nature and inspiring the outdoor lifestyle through their clothing line. They wish for their products to inspire those who choose to wear them—to motivate and encourage consciousness towards one’s environmental actions and support an earth-first mentality.