The Real Co Inc

2055 Limestone Rd, Wilmington, Delaware 19808, US

Single origin food company seeking ethically sourced products.

Acts of Kindness

Products whose sales result in a tangible, traceable, act of kindness EX: the removal of 1 lb. of trash from the ocean

The Real Co Inc meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility, Materials, People, and Acts of Kindness.

The Real Co was founded in hopes to become a single origin food company seeking ethically sourced products. Today, they are the world’s first single origin food company. The “single origin” part of their company aims to allow for maximum communication and transparency between farmers and customers, all the way from where it’s grown and processed and then to ultimately where it’s sold. The Real Co was founded by  Colin Carter who became amazed by the benefits of single origin coffee (as an avid coffee enthusiast) which introduced him to Food Trade as well as ethical sourcing. And so, along with his friend, Muhammad, Colin created The Real Co. 


An incredible facet of The Real Co is their support of small growers and farmers who struggled to find a mainstream route to sell their produce. In order to remove that barrier and allow for farmers to share their produce with the world, The Real Co travels globally to various farms to ensure certain criteria, and then seal the partnership with that farm. All the products from the variety of farms are non-gmo, pesticide-free, certified organic, fair trade, and supports local community initiatives. 


Beyond their produce, The Real Co is based in Portland, Oregon. In fact, their products are packaged by adults with various special needs—striving for an inclusive team and partners. Also, The Real Co commits to giving back as well. With every purchase of any of their products, a child in need is provided a healthy meal on the name of the customer.