To-Go Ware

747 Fortress Street Chico, CA 95973 Phone Number: (530) 342 - 4426

An end to single-use bags as well as plastic pollution.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

To-Go Ware meets two of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility and Materials.

To-Go Ware is a mini-brand under ChicoBag addressing an end to single-use bags as well as plastic pollution. The products from both the brands aim to reduce single-use consumption and have prevented around 18 billion single-use items from entering our environment. To-Go Ware was first founded in 2004, and it is committed to inspiring a healthy lifestyle while consciously bettering the environment.

In fact, To-Go Ware and ChicoBag are certified with over seven certifications on environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing. All their products are safe, environmentally responsible, affordable, and convenient for the go. Each product by To-Go Ware is based off of essential raw materials: one of which being bamboo. Bamboo provides a long-lasting and non-petroleum alternative that can be used for endless applications—including everyday necessities. Another material is rePETe, which is a material by ChicoBag made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.