Wholesome Culture

53 Richards St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

Every product in their clothing lines are ethically made in WRAP Certified factories.


Products that inherently help people and the planet EX: biodegradable phone case, metal straw, bamboo toothbrush

Wholesome Culture meets three of the IMPACT Requirements: Individual Responsibility, Materials, and Charitable Proceeds.

Wholesome Culture’s mission is to inspire and empower people to take on a sustainable lifestyle including what they wear, eat, and how they treat our planet and animals. Every product in their clothing lines are ethnically made in WRAP Certified factories. And, each product is made using water-based ink and is shipped to the customer in biodegradable packaging. With their profits, Wholesome Culture donates 10% of their profits to animal rescue and environmental initiatives. So far, they have donated over $71,000 and have donated over 7,000 tees to nonprofits.

By committing to supporting animal rights and rescue, Wholesome Culture claims to be a movement that protects our planet and inspires sustainability. Each product from their brand is made in conscious choice to create change. Moreover, Wholesome Culture aims to also prevent waste in their manufacturing process—be it through garments or order volumes.