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I had left for Chautara early in the morning from purano bus park at 6:00 AM. With the current political conditions of Nepal, it is hard to find a seat since the shortage of petrol. Therefore I somehow manage to get a seat on top of the engine of the bus next to the driver. It is also known as the cabin seat. It was a struggle however the bus was a nonstop bus and managed to arrive at Chautara at 9:30 AM.

On the road to Chautara at 6:00 AM.


As I arrived at Chautara, I went to the board of education’s office. Outside of the office, there were group of people sitting in the sun. I asked for Mr.Koirala there and he happened to be there fortunately. I spoke with him regarding the project and he took the plans and the letter from the school principal. I thought originally, they would put a stamp on the plans and give me the green light to start the work. The process was a bit more complex than that.  What the board of education can do is refer us to construct the school to a different department in Kathmandu. It was very complex explanation, something I didn’t quite understand. As he finished, he concluded that it would require couple of months to approve the plans.I didn’t have time on my hands, so I gave him the plans and left for Kathmandu.

I am at the point in time where if I don’t start the construction, the school will not be complete in time before my departure for USA. The villagers, teachers and kids are desperate for school and want to start the construction as soon as possible however, the district office is minimally concern regarding the current conditions. I made up my mind that I will start the construction and wait for the district office to approve the plan at the same time.

I will be heading to Ramche tomorrow/day after tomorrow depending on the availability of petrol. Those of you who don’t know the current situation in Nepal, it is very hard to find petrol to travel. Buses are super packed and have to book couple of days ahead to get a seat, mile long lines of buses, cars and motorcycles in gas station and more. I have been fortunate enough to receive petrol in black mart for super inflated price. Buying petrol in Black is not something I am very proud of.

Regardless of these obstacles, I will be heading to Ramche with Jayram Dai ( The Survivors) and Prem Sir (Steel truss guy). We hope to kick start the construction soon.

In the mean time, I was exhausted and a bit depressed from the trip to Chautara. I went to live music in Thamel to sit back and relax a bit. The place was known as the House of Music. As I arrived there, I instantly loved the spirit there. Notice the year is 2014 in the picture below. I am assuming they didn’t have funds to make poster on a yearly bases. Still…Pretty cool eh?

House of Music and American Embassy partnered to celebrate Black history month.Visit us: ImpactEverything

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