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Getting Speedy Start

Getting Started

I went to the office of Survivors located in Thapathali, Kathmandu. Met up with Jayram-ji of the Survivors and discussed the strategies to move forward with rebuilding of Bal Shikshya School in Simle, Thokarpa. Jayram-ji has been looking into prefab concrete walls for the school while I will be travelling to the site tomorrow. While on site, here are few things consider.

  1. Meet up with Mr. Hari Krishna Paudel who is the principal of the school.
    1. Number of Students
    2. Number of Teachers
    3. Ratio of teachers to students
    4. Number of classrooms
    5. Labor help from village?
    6. Demand Letter (this outlines the expectation/needs)
At the Survivors Office with Jayram Dai.

Once the meet was over, I caught the bus to go back home. I realized, if I am to work in Kathmandu for the next few months I need to invest in a mask. Here the picture of it.

Getting Started
With my new mask in Chabel, Kathmandu.Visit : ImpactEverything

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