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How to live a more sustainable lifestyle

LinkedIn Post 4/27/2020

How to live a more sustainable lifestyle

According to Aventri, 9 out of 10 people worldwide breathe polluted air.

This captivating  statistic is one that we should not be proud of, but there is an answer to this problem. The holy grail answer to pollution is sustainable living. We are here to share ten easy ways that you can become more sustainable.

Reduce Your Household Energy Usepasted image 0 1

This seems very daunting, however, we can assure you that it is not. You do this by simply turning off appliances and lights you are not using. You could also open your windows rather than using air conditioning some days or hang dry clothes in place of using the dryer.

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Eat Locally

A typical grocery store promotes increasing carbon emissions as the products take a lot of emissions to go from point A to B. Buying from local farms and gardens allows you to support your local businesses and shrinks the energy used.

Dispose of Disposables

Many environmental issues, such as pollution, occur from the immense amounts of trash. The key here is before buying a good question: its lifespan, how many uses, and what is the disposal like? Additionally, trying to implement reusable goods into your lifestyle will help Mother Nature out.

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Resell or Donate Old Items

Looking for a way to promote sustainability and make some money? This allows for goods to not end up in a landfill, and essentially is extending the life of a product. Online thrift stores have taken off on social media. Also, great organizations to donate to are Goodwill,

Salvation Army, or the American Cancer Society.

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Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are something that we all could use more as it is quite common to reach for bottled water. We actually have some great ones that you can order online from our store, Impact Everything. Reusable bottles shrink the number of bottles that end up as trash because this tip combats against the ever-so-wasteful bottled water problem.

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Use Less Water

This can be done through choosing a lower water level on your washer or even choosing plants that are drought-tolerant. You can practice this by installing showerheads that have water-saving technology.

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Purchase Fair-Trade Products

It is important to look for the fair-trade certification which tells you that the products were grown using sustainable methods of agriculture. It also means that local people are receiving fair prices for the goods they produce.


You can do this plastic, paper, glass, and cans. It allows for different goods to be disposed of appropriately. You can do this by having someone that does recycle pickup oro you could even find a drop-off location near you.


Reusable Femine Hygiene Products

This ninth way to be more sustainable is aimed at the ladies out there. When it is that time of month, there are more sustainable options than the wasteful plastic products offered. There are reusable pads as well as menstrual cups available at our store.These products offer easy cleanup and use in addition to saving you money.

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Start Your Own Garden

As we are entering the warmer months, there is not a better time to try this. You can buy plants or the seeds to grow your own produce. From tomatoes to lettuce, you can create your own salad from scratch. It is something you can be proud of and use to nourish your body.

We hope that you choose to try some of these tips! Even the smallest contribution to helping the environment through sustainable living is something that Mother Nature cannot thank you enough for. These facts drew inspiration from Ideas For Us and Ten Ways to Live Sustainably  by Alecia M. Spooner.

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