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Welcome to the first session of Impact Everything Podcast, starring Lana Nawa and Professor Sandra Enos. Impact Everything has always had the idea of creating a time and place to discuss the social, environmental, and global issues occuring around us all, hoping to branch out the ideas in the minds of many and integrate the plans they have envisioned for a better world. Bringing in Professor Enos, the founder of Giving Beyond The Box, gracefully delivers her purpose to, “curate gift boxes that feature products that carry social missions—refugee resettlement, concern for the environment, empowering women, providing clean water and much more. We want those who give gifts and those who receive them to share values and purpose in the gift exchange.”Before conversing through the technicalities of the what’s and how’s to making impacting choices a lifestyle rather than a few momentary acts, the podcast initiates with the introduction of the two long time friends backstory to meeting one another. Unfolding the personal stories of themselves that led them to where they are now and truly defining the ultimate goal in their journey that has been molded through experience. Professor Enos begins to discuss where her passion sprouted, amidst the issues she saw around her in her past that caught her attention and made her want to do more. Where so much complaint lies arounnd and falls so easily out of the tongues of numerous people, she felt a difference through her could be the only way she could transcend a real difference. In wanting to do more which means being more and saying more on the actual matters that are slowly increasing and gaining instability, Co-Founder Lana Nawa and Professor Enos share their points of view in where beginning can deflect onto the rest of the routines of the majority who are in search for desiring to start somewhere. Incorporating her own opinion within the markings of change

talks aboiut wanting to do more, be aware what you do and use around, what you think asbout, being thoughtful, having the right cinnections to make thr world better, intentional, mindful,

She begins to discuss that the core to the minimal change roots from the domino effect of the many people who see, hear, and know of the issues but consume it for all the wrong reasons. Grasping information with quick attention for hunger to spreas it around in order toWhat chat play out the world and society, plait has become a sort of trend that the attentio

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