Inspiring Construction has began!! 2016

Inspiring Construction Starts

A lot of progress has been made for the past few days since I arrived from Chautara. Sushil Koirala (president of the Survivors) had also arrived from Thailand. I had met up with Sushil dai and Jayram dai and we discussed the school project at Ramche, Sindupalanchowk.

Jayram Dai (left), Sushil Dai (middle) and me

As I shared the story there, we made plans to visit to the school the next morning. We left for Ramche early morning with the Prem-ji (steel truss supplier). We arrived at Sharadha Poudel’s (principal) house next to Juri Pahero. All five of us started to hike to the school afterwards.

On the way to the site with Prem-ji and Sushil dai

As we arrived at the site, there was Bimala miss and other community folks. We started to inspect the site thoroughly. One of the issue was bringing the material at site. There is a road where big truck do arrive to deliver the materials however there is about 100 meter hike after. Other little details were also inspected. Sushil dai and Jayram dai layout the expectation and capability of the Survivors so the villagers had a clear understanding.

Ever since the earthquake, a lot of aid had arrived in Nepal’s rural villages. It had given the impression to the villagers that most non profit have a big financial link with donors. They pensive non profit’s work as a way to make money rather than making a difference. This leads to villagers making high demands for the reconstruction materials to be used. It’s a complex and unique challenge to work in Nepal and it can be overwhelming at times.

However, the school in Ramche 4 thus far seems to have a unity with the villagers. They have a clear need for school. As I mentioned in the previous blog, the leadership of the villager is in good hands which makes this project a unique one. Therefore, we decided that the school will be built with approval of the Survivors, the village committee, school committed and the principal. I am happy to announce that the construction will start from today!!!!

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