Nepal Itinerary


Day 1:

Morning: Volunteers will leave from the United States and head to Nepal.


Afternoon: Typically the first flight lasts 10-18 hours depending on your airline. Please note, we typically fly out of JFK as a group but it is not mandatory. We can arrange accomodation per volunteer’s needs.


Accomodation: Plane


Day 2:   

Morning: Volunteers will arrive at the layover which will most likely be Istanbul, Doha, or Dubai.


Afternoon: You will then leave from the airport accordingly for Kathmandu, Nepal. Your second flight time is typically shorter compared to the first flight ranging from 5-8 hours.

Accomodation: Plane

Day 3:

Morning: Welcome to Nepal, you have arrived! Our team in Nepal will be waiting for you outside the airport. You will then travel to the hotel to check in and get breakfast. There will be free time to rest and unwind after a long flight across the world. 

Afternoon: We will grab lunch at a local restaurant in Thamel. Shortly after lunch, you can spend some more free time shopping in the streets of Thamel or you can nap at the hotel to ease your jet lag.

Evening: Dinner is scheduled at 5 PM. After dinner, you will meet with our Nepal team. We will do ice-breakers and you will get to know them a little bit more. Our Nepal team will brief all volunteers on what the next two weeks ahead looks like and what to do in the event of an emergency. You will have a few hours to pack your bags for the journey to the village the following day. It is recommended to bring a big backpack to the village and leave your suitcase/luggage at the hotel.

Accomodation: Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel

Day 4: 

Morning: Breakfast will be served early in the morning. You will then head out to the village. Kathmandu to Ramche, Sindupalchowk where we will spend the next 6 days volunteering at the school.

Afternoon: Lunch and coffee will be served on the road. We will arrive at Jure Pahiro where the school principal resides. We will then start our hike uphill for 1-3 hours to reach Ramche village. Once we arrive in the village, you will get assigned to the host family.

Evening: Dinner will be served by the host family. Rest and sleep for the big days ahead! 

Accomodation: Homestay with host family.

Day 5-10:

Volunteering at Ramche. A general day at the school looks like:

Morning: Wake up at 6 am, help with cooking and household chores with your host family. 

Volunteers will arrive at the school with the host student by 10 am. The school gathers for morning assembly to do daily morning prayers afterward anyone can share anything or perform songs, dances, and poems.

Afternoon: activities such as, the English Education Class, Women Center setup, Community Art starts at 11 and ends at 4pm. There is one hour for lunch at 1pm. 

After 5 pm, volunteers head back to their host family’s home and help with homework duties, household chores, etc. and experience a typical Nepali lifestyle in Ramche. There is also some free time to shower, visit the village, trek up the hill or take some rest.

Evening: Dinner is at 7 pm with your  host family.  

*Based on each applicant’s goals and skill sets, we can further discuss if you would like to focus more on volunteering for construction projects,  agricultural work, or education.

Accomodation: Homestay with host family.

Day 11:

Morning: Get ready with your belongings to leave Ramche village for Sukute Beach Resort. Have some dry snacks while on the bus.

Afternoon: After hiking back to Jure Pahero, you will be driving for 30 minutes to the Sukute Beach Resort. Have lunch and spend the day relaxing! 

Evening: Enjoy the evening with your new friends alongside music and a bonfire.. Have dinner by the fire and rest for an outdoor adventure for tomorrow.

Accomodation: Sukute Beach Resort, Bhotekoshi



Day 12:

Morning: Have a beautiful morning at  the resort. Have breakfast of your choice and prepare for the adventure ahead.

Afternoon: Almost 2 hours of white water rafting in Bhote Koshi river of Nepal.

Evening: Return back to our hotel in Kathmandu.

Accomodation: Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel


Day 13:

Morning : Have breakfast of your choice at the hotel.


Afternoon: Prepare for Farewell Ceremony with paired up local volunteers and guest speakers.


Evening: Have dinner in one of the restaurants in Kathmandu with all volunteers. After dinner, participate in a heritage walk to Kathmandu Durbar Square to observe the beauty of all monuments peacefully, seek adventure in the streets of thamel.   


Accomodation: Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel

Day 14:

Morning : Have breakfast of your choice at the  hotel.


Pack your bags, and say goodbye to your new friends in Nepal. You will get dropped off at the airport according to your flight.


Accomodation: Plane



Day 15:

 Arrival in the United States.


Total Cost: $2,800