Uganda Itinerary

Day 1

  • Flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport(JFK) to layover in Doha International Airport (OTBD/DIA), Abu Dhabi (AUH), or Amsterdam (AMS).We try to gather everyone to travel as a group, but understand if you need to take a separate flight alone if you are coming from another country or a remote state in the United States. We are flexible and will help you choose

Day 2

  • You will arrive at Kigali International Airport (KGL) where you will stay inside the airplane for roughly one hour and then arrive at Entebbe International Airport (EBB). 
  • All volunteers will be picked up at the airport and you will ride with us to the hotel in the Entebbe to relax for the night.

Day 3

  • You will spend the day at the hotel to recharge. 
  • Meet your Ugandan peeps. Spend the day bonding with other group members. 
  • Lunch and Dinner at the hotel.

Day 4

  • Wake up early in the morning, shower, eat breakfast, and pack for the village.
  • Leave the hotel at 9 AM and head to the village with your Ugandan friends. Get lunch on the way.
  • Arrive at the village late afternoon. Briefly meet the community and your host family. Dinner with your host family.

Day 5-8

  • Wake up early in the morning at 6 am. Help the host family with the morning chores at the house (eg. fetch water from the well, clean the common areas at the house, etc.). Eat breakfast with your host family and get to the school site by 10:00 AM. 
  • Depending on your focus area, volunteer at one of the following: Construction of the classroom, building of school furniture, or working with local teachers to prepare classes. Lunch at 12:30 PM at the school site. Volunteering ends at 4:00 PM. Free time from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM to visit the village, trek up the hill or take some rest. Arrive at host family’s house for dinner at 7 pm, volunteers usually spend some time with the kids dancing and playing and after that, everyone has some free time to hang out, rest or sleep.

Day 9

  • We will have a big dinner with host families and the volunteers at one location. This will be last night in the village with everyone

Day 10

-Wake up in the morning. Pack up. Say goodbye to your host family for the last time. -Vehicle to pick up at 10 AM in the village to head to Jinja. We will arrive at Jinja. We will visit the source of the Nile, do white water rafting.
-Stay the night.

Day 11

-Head to Kampala once rafting is completed

Day 12

  • Last night in Kampala

Day 13

  • Arrive at JFK​