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Memorable Chitwan 2016

Memorable Chitwan

WARNING!!This blog is a bit personal and is not related to the project. I went to visit family members in Chitwan so this blog is based on the trip there.

For the past week, I visited Chitwan. Hari (my cousin) arrived from Chitwan to Kathmandu few days ago. We went around Kathmandu looking for a motorcycle, and found one at last. Here is the picture of it.

Mr. Hari Prasad Neupane
Dachind Kali way to Chitwan
Hari and I on our way to Chitwan

Chitwan was very nice. Weather was much warmer than Kathmandu. Hari taught me all the rules and regulation to ride a bike properly. He also taught me little tricks to keep the motorcycle maintained.

Chitwan is known for its national park. Once we got there, we had to visit the elephant breeding center. It is owned by the government and all the elephants in Shuraha, Chitwan National Park came through the center.

Here are some glimpse of the visit there.

one day old Baby elephant
Riverside of Sauraha


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