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My Beautiful Nepal

My Beautiful Nepal

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working hard to find ways to get Nepal Custom to waive any Vat/Tariff they might charge me for bringing laptops. According to Nepal Custom, a passenger is allowed to carry only one laptop. I did some research and it seems two is the maximum they would allow if spotted. One being your personal and other for work purposes.

First, I started with contacting the Shree Suryodhaye Primary School Principal Saradha Miss and ask The Society of Nepalese in America’s Head Secretary Tek Kuwar to write a letter to Nepal Custom.I must say I was optimistic with the letter from the 501C3 US based non-profit thinking this would be enough to convince Nepal Custom. One day at work, my coworker suggested contacting the Nepal Embassy in New York City. I was thrilled with this new path I had recently discovered. I looked up the number and called the office the same day.

On the phone, I explained to the person I was planning on taking 5 laptops to a school I had built last March in Nepal. The personal sounded excited and said he would love to write a letter on my behalf to Nepal Custom to waive the Vat/Tariff for the used laptops. I was steamed up. The next day, I got a call back from the Nepal Embassy saying their letter is not as effective he thought. Since the earthquake, a lot of non profit had smuggled goods through custom for their own benefits. Earthquake was a business opportunity for some and had made the Nepal Custom extra strict. I was sick at heart. FUCKING SCUMS!!!!

I realized I can’t do much considering the situation I am at. At this point if I was to take 5 laptops with me to Nepal and get intercepted by a Nepal Custom with whatever letter of reference I may have, nothing is going to matter. It will all depend on this guy’s mood. Whoever he/she may be could be a nice person and be convinced with the work I am trying to do or they may see this as an opportunity to make money just like how Earthquake was a business for some. I have decided I am not going to pursue anything and just carry 2 laptop and have my friend John carry one. I will ship the rest if any Nepali person who wants to help carry a laptop from Connecticut to Nepal. It is the best solution I see personally after few attempts.

Toys for the kids playroom.

In the meantime, I have some awesome news. Binod Shahi is joining me and John (My friend from High School who has officially decided to go to Nepal with me) to Ramche to help paint a classroom, set up play room and computer class. For those of you who don’t know Binod dai’s work, here is a quick video on him below.. He is doing fantastic work in Nepal. Great inspiration dai!

Visit Binod’s org; Snowyak

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