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Last week, there was a festival called Mage Sangrati. I would like to wish everyone Happy Mage Sangrati (Magh 1st). Magh 1st is a date in Nepali calendar where Nepali people celebrate with traditional homemade sweets such as chaku, Sakhhar, tilauri, tarul, ghee, khichadi, etc. It was something I had not celebrated in United States as much. It was a fantastic experience.

As I was eating some chaku with tilauri, I received a call from Mr. Amit Sinha from Bhawani International. He quoted the project cost well above the budget and we were in a search for other options.

Today, I met with Mr. Ramkishna Adhikari another company called Laxmi Interior and Decor from Lalitpur. He will quote me on the project in the next few days. I will also meet with another representative from a different company to see how much he will estimate for the project and material cost. In next few weeks, decision will be made and FINALLY WE WILL START BUILDING THE SCHOOL !!!!

8:00 AM meeting with Mr. Ramkishna Adhikari (middle) and Raju Uncle in Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal.Visit Us: ImpactEverything

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