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Each purchase removes 1 lb. of trash from our world’s ocean.

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4Ocean Seabird Bracelet

This beachy bracelet will remind you of salty air, crashing waves, and squawking birds regardless of your location! In addition to inspiring great memories, this bracelet makes a huge impact on the environment, animals, and people. Purchasing the 4ocean Seabird bracelet will help protect seabirds and their habitats from ocean plastic and other threats because almost 50% of all seabird species are in known or suspected population decline. With every purchase of the bracelet, one pound of trash will be removed from the oceans, rivers, and coastlines — protecting seabirds and sea-life. The unisex, waterproof designs makes it perfect for everyday wear and will represent your support to protecting seabirds and the ocean.


  • Each bracelet is assembled by hand in Bali by an artisan and is made from recyclable materials. Specifically, each bracelet is made from recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles and recycled glass bottles. The charm is manufactured in China from 95% recycled stainless steel. The recyclable materials even include a small amount (less than 5%) of ocean plastic and ocean glass, making this bracelet environmentally and seabird friendly.
  • The bracelet is adjustable from 2 to 5 inches in diameter to maximize comfort.
  • Unisex and waterproof design
  • 4ocean also contributes at least 1% of their revenue to nonprofit environmental conservation organizations, making this bracelet a truly impactful purchase. 4ocean is also a certified climate positive business.
  • The component manufacturing process and recycled materials are verified by GreenCircle.

You can see the 4ocean brand portfolio here.

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