Allo Body Scrub


handmade goods by artisans in Nepal

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Allo Body Scrub

This all natural and organic body scrub is made from Himalayan Wild Nettle “Allo,” which is a species of stinging nettle that grows in the hills of Nepal above 1700 meters. The stinging nettle Allo has multiple benefits including being hypoallergenic, and taking away the oil and dirt gently from the skin, leaving you feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

The bag fits in your hand, and is crocheted from handspun Wild Nettle yarn. The more you use it, the softer it gets! The Allo Body Scrub is made by home-based skilled women from Lalitpur, Nepal who make the scrub with care and attention.

Kolpa’s mission is to work with small cottage industries and co-operatives run by families and communities to create economic opportunities that will transform the lives of many individuals and families working in Nepal. Kolpa ensures that the working environments are safe and respectful, and they share the profit fairly with the makers.

Their quality products are also targeted to improve and bring ease to our lives on top of helping those who make them. They use traditional and natural materials, like Himalayan Wild Nettle, to create unique designs that display the ingenuity of true craftsmanship.

By purchasing this rejuvenating body scrub, you are making a huge impact on the lives of many women in Nepal by supporting their financial independence. And, you get to enjoy using the refreshing and sustainably made Allo Body Scrub!

You can find the brand portfolio for Kolpa here.

Care instructions:

  • Hang dry after each use.

Dimension:  8.5 inches x  6 inches approx.

Weight: 40 grams

allo body scrub


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