Buddha Chitta Mala


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Buddha Chitta Mala

The Spiritual Significance of Buddha Chitta Seeds

Why are these seed part of a sacred series? If you look closely, you can see that Buddha chitta seeds have smooth triangular sections. These segments are thought of as “Buddha’s eye”. The name of buddha chitta seed, also referred to as bodhi chitta, means supreme happiness. While bodhi means “enlightenment” and chitta means “soul.” Altogether, thus bodhi chitta means “soul of enlightenment.” An extremely rare seed coming from the buddha chitta tree found in the Kavre District of Nepal.

The Story Behind the Seeds

Buddha chitta seeds were introduced by Guru Padma Sambara in the Kavre District of Nepal. While meditating in a cave, he realized that the local people deserved to have peace, happiness and prosperity in future generations. Through his enlightenment and wisdom, Guru Padma Sambara gifted the people with the unique buddha chitta tree. This gift brought prosperity and happiness, therefore the seeds became a significant symbol of these and still are today.

Today’s Meaning

Based of this origin, the Buddha chitta seed, “the soul of enlightenment,” represents a mind full of compassion and love for all beings including oneself. If a life is lived without these, enlightenment cannot be reached.

The mala also means establishing an organic connection between the self and others. It is important to practice compassion to fulfill our wishes, remain true to our morals and to help others in need; creating a peaceful and happy world. These Buddha chitta seeds are a beautiful reminder to practice kindness in all that you do.


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