Chicobag VITA | Reusable Bag


Replaces 1560 Single-Use Bags Throughout Its Life
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Chicobag VITA

The Chicobag VITA is the perfect replacement for single-use plastic shopping bags and will replace approximately 1,560 plastic bags throughout its lifetime. It’s way more durable and has a 40 pound carrying capacity. Never again will you have to worry about your grocery bag tearing open and spilling onto the ground!

And, the Chicobag VITA is super convenient. Each bag stuffs into a built-in pouch for compact and easy storage that allows you to take these bags everywhere. Each bag is also machine washable and the polyester fabric is easy to keep clean. The bag comes in a variety of different colors, so you can make a fashion statement while being environmentally friendly at the same time!

All of Chicobag’s products are sustainably and ethically made because Chicobag cares deeply about the environment and the lives of the workers manufacturing the bags. Because of their care for people and the planet, Chicobag is a Certified B Corporation and Certified Climate Neutral. They use recycled yarn, fair labor rules, and ethical manufacturing to produce their bags, with the ultimate goal of replacing single use plastic bags with durable and reusable bags that are eco-friendly. By purchasing this bag, you can help to protect our environment from pollution and and preserve its beauty for generations to come!

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Made of Durable Woven Polyester


  • Bag: 19″ w x 13″ h
  • Pouch: 3″ w x 5″ h

Care Instructions:
Wash Cold & Hang To Dry


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Aqua, Bliss, Boysenberry, Calm, Coral Stripe, Dream, Feather, Impression, Live, Mazarine Blue, Pale Green, Red, Watercolor Strength


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