Coin Earrings


provides meals to the elderly in Guatemala

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Coin Earrings

These beautiful and unique handcrafted earrings are made from a 10 centavo coin from the Guatemalan currency the “Quetzal” and feature a French hook. These earrings provide a source of income for single mothers and recovering victims of domestic and sexual abuse in Santa María de Jesús, Guatemala.

Wearing these gorgeously and carefully crafted earrings, you are not only showing your support for the women who made them, but also for the nonprofit organization Cosechando Felicidad (Harvesting Happiness) located in Guatemala. Their mission is to create and maintain a a safe location where everyone is welcome to come and find physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

On top of supporting the women who make the earrings, the proceeds will go to Cosechando Felicidad’s feeding the elderly program, and will provide a total of 9 meals!  Cosechando Felicidad has a variety of other services including a community center, medical aid, construction projects, baby formula assistance, monthly grocery aid, and grocery assistance for single mothers. All their programs strive to help the most vulnerable in Santa María de Jesús, while also fostering a loving and stable community.

The name, Harvesting Happiness, comes from the belief that happiness is a mindset that can be achieved and harvested through programs that provide support, love, and some financial opportunities. Buying these earrings may seem like a small action, but it has a huge impact on the elderly in Santa María de Jesús by providing them with a path to happiness!

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