Delridge Belt – 28″-32″


Hand-built in USA by upcycling bike tires and old advertising banners.

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Delridge Belt

The reversible Delridge is durable, stylish, and eco-friendly. Made from a reclaimed bicycle inner tube and a colorful band of recycled polyester webbing, the Delridge is completely upcycled, and positively impacts the environment. It features a matte black military stye buckle that allows you to wear it with the tube side out, or with the colorful webbing side out to add a pop of color to any outfit.

Consisting of only recycled materials, this belt prevents non-degradable waste from going into landfills and conserves resources like water and energy. In 2017, 267.8 million tons of waste went into landfills. But by purchasing this upcycled belt, you can help decrease the amount of waste in landfills and make our Earth more beautiful for us and all the animals who share our planet .

All of Alchemy Goods’ upcycled products are made in Seattle, Washington and use recycled materials like bicycle tubes, seat belts, banners, and billboards that are sourced from across the US. Alchemy Goods works with bike shops, like Trek and REI, to collect bicycle interparts. Alchemy Good’s mission is to transform non-degradeable materials into daily necessities and accessories like belts. All of their sleek products and designs positively contribute to the environment!

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