Freedom Flowy Tee L


  Handmade by victims of sex trafficking, B-Corp certified


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Freedom Flowy Tee L

The Freedom Flowy Tee is a super cute and comfy shirt that bears the important message of freedom. It’s simple, yet stylish, and the shirt is made by survivors of sex trafficking in India. Purchasing the Freedom Flowy Tee helps support these women on their journey to recovery and true freedom.

The shirt is made by Sudara, a certified B Corporation, whose goal is to empower women in India to live free from sex-slavery by providing them with safe, sustainable living wage employment. Women are often forced into sex-slavery because they lack education, finances, and the resources to resist. However, at Sudara, stitch by stitch, women are gaining confidence not only in themselves but also in their newfound hope and freedom.

Sudara has been able to help hundreds of women find freedom through living-wage employment, and many of the women who have graduated from the training programs have started their own tailoring businesses. Others have taken technology or cosmetology courses that are offered through Sudara and have found great jobs in those fields.

On top of giving women the opportunity to gain job skills that create a pathway to freedom, Sudara created the non-profit Sudara Freedom Fund that equips women survivors of trafficking and their children with education, housing, micro-loans, and the tools needed to build and sustain a new life. It’s vital that the cycle of slavery is broken through stable, loving homes made possible by education, empowerment, and financial resources. By purchasing the Freedom Flowy Tee, you are helping these women heal and build a new life!

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Freedom Flowy Tee


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