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Rhode Island Box

The Rhode Island Box celebrates the diversity of everything wonderful that we have created here in Rhode Island. Riches abound in our neighborhoods: residents from all over the world, unmatched historical buildings, culinary delights, cutting-edge enterprises, cultural and artistic treasures.

This box celebrates the heritage of citizens who aimed to make ours a better community. We have founded great schools, children’s homes, hospitals, settlement houses, advocacy organizations, refuges for those escaping persecution, organizations to preserve our environment and so much more.

Inside this box are products that save the lives of malnourished children across the planet, support caregivers of those stricken with Alzheimer’s, resettle and employ refugees, celebrate the rich traditions of our Native American citizens, provide culinary training to children in the welfare system, bring the mindful practice of Yoga to those with cognitive challenges, and support transportation for elderly residents of Newport.

The box itself was designed by students from Riverzedge, an arts education program that engages young people in real-world art and graphic design challenges. Everything about this box is impactful, and best of all, it supports our local Rhode Island community that we all love.

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