Handmade Ceramic Large Bowl


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Ceramic Large Bowl

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This beautifully crafted large bowl is both practical and decorative. It’s food safe, although microwaving isn’t recommended, or can be used to hold a range of items like coins, keys, and jewelry. The bright colors and shiny finish make the bowl a perfect artistic piece on top of its useful functions.

The gorgeous hand crafted large bowl was made with love by an artist from the Cove Artist Collective. The Collective teaches their artists, who have autism and other developmental disabilities, various skills to craft beautiful pieces, like this bowl. By providing their clients with job opportunities, the Cove is able to teach important professional skills that contribute to financial independence.

On top of several vocational programs like the Cove Artist Collective, the Cove also offers various programs that teach adults with developmental disabilities social and communications skills that allow clients to reach their greatest level of independence, productivity, empowerment and community access. The Cove emphasizes an individuals’ role in making choices and controlling the direction of their own life to the fullest extent possible. The Cove fosters a community of learning and growth that enables their clients to maximize independence financially and socially, and build lasting relationships.

And, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on this loving community! By purchasing this ceramic bowl and supporting the talented artists of the Cove Artist Collective, you are empowering the artists, and helping to foster community as well as financial independence.

You can find the brand portfolio for the Cove here.

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