Jasmine Necklace Seafoam


   Handmade and hand-signed by victims of sex trafficking, providing sustainable employment, dignity, and hope

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Jasmine Necklace Seafoam

Add a pop of seafoam green with this ethically handcrafted necklace made from recycled glass sourced and made in Uganda. The Jasmine Necklace will brighten up any outfit and will make for a great conversation with anyone who compliments you. 100% of the proceeds from the Jasmine Necklace go to PURPOSE Jewelry’s non-profit, International Sanctuary, to provide the artisan survivors of human trafficking with fair wages, education & holistic care. This Jasmine Necklace is part of the “Hope Line” which consists of introductory pieces made by the new artisans, and it tells a powerful story of fresh beginnings.

International Sanctuary and PURPOSE Jewelry’s mission is to empower girls and young women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth. Human trafficking is a worldwide crisis with over 40 million people enslaved all over the globe. Simply rescuing girls and women from their traffickers is not enough. The young women and girls need continued support in order for them to successfully transition into their future.

PURPOSE Jewelry works to ensure girls and women escaping from human trafficking have a safe, loving community where they belong. It is a place where they can heal from the horrors they’ve experienced, learn to trust other people, and grow into who they were meant to be.

International Sanctuary’s programs address four areas of personal and economic development: Income, Education, Health Care, and Community. Ensuring that young women can provide for themselves and their families through dignified work is the first step to freedom. For many of the women, this is the first time they have had control over their own money. International Sanctuary helps each participant develop financial literacy and provides women with ongoing mentorship in financial management.

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