Naja Black Underwear


  Employs single mothers in Columbia 

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Naja Black Underwear

The Naja Black Underwear is elegant and comfortable! Thoughtfully designed and crafted, the Naja Black Underwear will quickly become a favorite. And, it’s made in an eco-friendly way by a socially conscious brand!

Naja believes in protecting the planet and preserving its beauty, so they do their best to reduce their ecological footprint. Billions of gallons of water are used each year in the fashion industry to dye garments. But, Naja chooses to use digital and sublimation printing mechanisms to reduce their water waste to almost nothing!

Naja also incorporates fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles to help cut down on plastic waste, and they are always looking for new materials that are better for the Earth and better for you!

Naja also seeks to empower women and transform the undergarment industry to cater to what women want to wear instead of what men want to see. Naja’s garment factory mainly employs single mothers or female heads of households and pays them above market wages with healthcare benefits.

Naja has also implemented flexible working schedules to ensure that women are able to manage both work and children, so women no longer have to choose between their family and work. Every child of a Naja garment worker receives books, school supplies, uniforms, and school meals paid for by Naja too!

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